Professor Reshmi Mukherjee co-chairing the CDY initiative for understanding the Physics of the Extreme Accelerators in our Universe

May 19, 2021

The Columbia-DIAS-Yale (CDY) Initiative 2021 is a series of seminars/meetings established by Columbia University (New York), Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (Dublin), and Yale University (New Haven). The initiative will sponsor several activities: a series of introductory lectures on current topics (remotely in 2021), biennial summer schools (for PhD students and early career researchers), focused mini-workshops, and joint research projects. The first summer school is planned for 2022 in Dublin, and subsequently in the New York area. The initiative is aimed at motivated young researchers beginning their careers (in particular PhD students and early career postdocs), with a focus on addressing current topics in astroparticle physics, theory and phenomenology, observations, and interpretations. Other activities are also planned, such as the exchange of visitors between the institutions and the organization of small (in-person) group meetings focused on specialized topics.

Together with Felix Aharonian (DIAS), Paolo Coppi (Yale University) and Yuri Levin (Columbia University & CCA), Reshmi Mukherjee will guide us through the observations, phenomenology and theory of the most extreme and explosive events in our Universe.

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