Research Projects

Our group is involved in VERITAS and Fermi-LAT data analysis on a variety of topics, focused on both galactic and extragalactic gamma-ray sources, with an eye on multi-messenger information coming from neutrinos and gravitational waves. Additionally, we are actively involved in technical development for the upgrade of the pSCT, a prototype dual-mirror Cherenkov telescope for CTA.

Extragalactic Objects

  • Characterization of new blazars
  • Blazar population studies
  • Imprint of the Extragalactic Background Light on blazar spectra
  • Radio galaxies
  • Blazar Luminosity Function and the Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background

Galactic Objects

  • Characterization of the Northern TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae
  • Pulsar Wind Nebula population studies
  • Unidentified Sources
  • Fermi Unidentified Sources as Dark Matter Candidates
  • Gamma emission in Galactic novae

Multi-messenger astronomy

  • Gamma-ray searches of neutrino sources
  • Gamma-ray searches of gravitational wave sources

Instrumentation and Development

  • pSCT optics and alignment software
  • pSCT flasher for camera calibration
  • pSCT camera upgrade
Columbia Affiliations
VERITAS research at Barnard College & Columbia University is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation